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Some of the many streams of business consulting provided by *Candor are detailed here. Enquire about other services in: information architecture, project management, change management, strategic planning, competency gap analysis.

Information design and development - reference/quality documentation

How would efficiency increase and confusion and errors decrease in your organisation if there was an agreed policy, process and procedure for common activities performed by staff?

How would it be if staff knew they had easy access to the knowledge they needed to achieve excellence?

Would established practices contribute to ensuring a consistent, quality experience for all your customers? Consider how your business's value would increase when the details of what makes it successful are documented and able to be replicated. Is your organisation's learning supported by ongoing reference material in the workplace?

We offer to:

  • document established policy, process and procedures
  • provide easy to use and maintain documentation
  • use Information Mapping methodologies.

Process development and improvement

Are you confident that your organisation has the best processes in place for maximum use of your resources, including your people resources and their skills? We offer to:

  • document existing processes in an easily accessible format
  • identify gaps and challenge existing practices to enable process improvement
  • facilitate development of possible new practices and processes
  • assist in the communication, buy in, and integration of change
  • assess and review process improvement initiatives.