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*Candor works with you to identify your current competency based skill gaps, establish learning needs and objectives then design and develop powerful learning initiatives that actually 'make it happen'.

*Candor adds an excellence to your learning interactions by enrolling learners in what is available to them when they take responsibility for their learning experience.

A willingness to be committed and accountable for your learning experiences results in a more receptive state for learning, increasing effectiveness. This receptive state leads to choice in how you experience your learning.

Imagine the possibilities when your team is curious and eager to learn, to perceive more and committed to achieving it.

We offer to:

  • instructionally design and develop solutions targeted to meet your learning objectives
  • blend your learning solutions to your unique requirements - facilitator-led learning, self-paced learning, e-learning, coaching programs, pre and post-initiative support, learning or coaching, and train the trainer initiatives

  • develop an assessment framework to measure the success of your learning

  • design and develop support tools - learning outlines, facilitator guides, workbooks, multi-media, quick reference guides

Professional Facilitation

We offer professional facilitation:

  • for existing and newly developed learning

  • of strategic planning activities, team building and team development.

Corporate development and coaching

What will be available to your organisation when every team member is communicating effectively and taking responsibility for their development and performance?

What will be available to you when you know what makes your energy soar, when you know you always have a choice, when excuses to excellence are dissolved? Are you contributing and performing at a higher level? Are you loving what you do?

The possibilities and the potential with corporate development and coaching are too many to list, let us work with you in uncovering the gold in your organisation.

  • Communication - personal and team

  • Personal belief, growth, esteem

  • Team building

  • Conflict resolution